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Sketch 21

[What is that? A bird? A plane?

No, it is Relm! She is wearing an outfit that looks vaguely like a policewoman's - just with a lot of artistic interpretation. A flowing blue cape and a blue police cap complete the look.

Hear me, Mayfield! No longer will the tyranny of Grady and other villains prevail! Innocent citizens have nothing to fear, now that the mighty Star Prism is fighting for justice!

Sketch 20 - Action Post

[Shortly after regaining her limited Pictomancy powers, Relm began visiting many of her droned friends, Jill and Palom in particular. Today, she had spent most of the day with droned Jill, following her around as she went about the typical drone woman's duties. Occasionally she'd sketch something to trail along behind her, but Jill never took notice, even when they were zombies that Relm idly kicked around.]

[Feel free to run into Relm at any point - on her way to Jill's, following droned Jill around, on her way back home looking slightly worn out and dejected - this is a pretty open post!]

((I apologize for this, but after thinking about it and talking it over with a mod, I'm deciding to retcon Relm's participation in the Boxtops event. My reasoning was that even though she knew it was too good to be true, she wanted her full Pictomancy abilities back badly enough to risk it - and the consequences took her by surprise, even expecting bad things as she was. Almost as soon as I commented on the event post, I regretted it, hence why I never actually made a post regarding it, or tagged anyone afterward. I'm really sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Thank you all for bearing with me.))

Sketch 19

Okay. I want answers.

Why am I wearing these stupid clothes again? Where are my paints? Why am I in a different house?

Why can't I use my Pictomancy anymore?!

Where's that fat jerk Grady, I'm gonna pummel him!

Sketch 18 - April Fool's Event

Arrrgh! Shut up shut up shut up! This is so annoying!

There's gotta be a way to break these dumb things so they stop ringing...

[Relm is now chanting a spell. Would you like to interrupt her?]

Sketch 17 - Action Post

[Today, the residents of Mitchell Road will find it hard to ignore the little girl raging outside on the street.]

You stupid little brat! How dare you leave?! You're not allowed!

[Each sentence is interrupted by a magical explosion of some sort, and Relm only gets louder with each spell.]

I told you I'd fix it! That we'd get out of here together! So why are you acting like a drone?!

[A particularly nasty Fira spell takes out most of the bushes in front of 1448 Mitchell Road.]

I hate you, Palom! I won't miss you at all! You'll see! I'll do... much better.. with you gone!

[Relm pauses to take a few deep breaths... and rub angrily at her eyes.]

Sketch 16

Another Christmas, huh? Wonder what this place has planned for us now. Whatever it is, we'll get through it, like always! No matter what they pull here, it's never good enough to beat us!

You hear that, Mayfield?! I'm not scared of you! You're just a boring old town with nothing better to do than mess with us!

Still, watch your backs, guys. Can't let Grady get the advantage!

((Relm is now 21, and has a 'family' of her own. She's still as spunky as ever, though her closest friends will be able to tell that she's been fighting off a growing despair for a while now. Still, she's determined to find a way out of Mayfield - somehow.))

Sketch 15

Hey, Grady! You big fat jerk! I've had enough of this place! I'm not gonna put up with it anymore! Turn Jill back to normal, right now! Everyone else, too! You're not gonna brainwash anyone else ever again once I'm through with you!

Sketch 14

I finally got some of my spells back! It's about time! If anybody wants to see what real magic is like, come find me! My magic is nothing like that stupid Palom's, and it definitely isn't fake like that dummy Kaito's!

["Filtered" to Ryoko; not hidden at all]
Did Kyon really kiss you? 'Cause he said he did, but I don't buy it. He's too scared of girls! He was all mad when he saw those fake pictures. He said it's 'cause they make it look like he wussed out, but I don't believe him!

Hey, Jill and Pops! I wanna get a pet. It's okay, right?